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Moving forward!

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We got an update - and it sounds good!

It really seems for me there was work to do for other customers when our nubs arrived, which is the reason it took a while before Pandora production has been setup to properly resume.

250 boards are ready to ship on Tuesday. CircuitCo offered to ship them to us at their cost, which is pretty cool, thanks :)
750 boards are currently being tested and nub-installed.

While this sure it too late for some christmas Pandoras, it seems that (depending on the weather and deliveries), early January could spit out more Pandoras into the world, which is something to look forward.

A nice contact from TI is also helping us to deal with any issues.

These are some nice news before moving into the weekend.

I've also mostly recovered now, so the videos should continue on Monday.


The previous post was NOT meant to be an attack!

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I did not make the previous thread to ATTACK CircuitCo (you could also see that from the replies I made at the thread at the official boards), it was to inform you that it will take a bit longer as more has to be done than just solder the nubs.
If it sounded like a direct attack, I am sorry to both you and CircuitCo. If I hadn't told you though, you would've been angry at us because we didn't tell you the truth.

After all, CC did the following: 
They DID produce 900 perfectly working boards so far.  None of the boards sent to our customers failed.
They DID help us setting up the production!

Yes, they told us 2000 boards are ready and Trey only found about 500 half-finished ones.
However, they WERE working on the boards when he visited!

As mentioned, I can PERFECTLY understand if they didn't do anything because they have been waiting for the nubs.
Yes, I also don't like that we have been told they were working on the boards - but maybe they had a reason for telling us so?
They know we are not experienced in that business, so they might've told us because they feared we would panic otherwise.

Before getting angry at anyone, let's wait how the production continues.
I am still waiting for an official updated schedule for the next 1000 boards and I will let you know as soon as I get it.

As I said multiple times:
If all they had been waiting for was the nubs and the production continues work flawlessly now, there is NO REASON to stop working with them or be angry against them.

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