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Official boards, the Bugtracker and more

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First things first: I'm sure you remember that I mentioned RedStar and that you should be careful buying from them?
Well, seems like they are no scam - as they contacted us and they have in fact three Pandoras preordered.
They just never told us they plan to resell them...

One major thing has happened: We now have official Pandora boards!
This caused a lot of confusion and fear of splits at the beginning - but it turned out to be working well.

Just some background information: has always been a free community board. It started with the GP32 and later on, GP2X, WIZ, Dingoo, Pandora and Caanoo got added.
Some guys actually didn't like that some company like OpenPandora was partly behind the boards - and this lead to more and more bad mood and some flamewars in the boards.
So the only thing left to do was to create our own boards so that could become a free community board once again.

Whether you plan on staying on, go to the new official boards or visit both - you won't miss anything. You can be sure stuff that will be released will find its ways on both boards, and I will also stay at both and support them wherever I can.
So no need to worry so far, but a way better mood on both boards currently which is more fun to read.

There's one more new thing on the official boards: The Official OpenPandora Team News-Section. On the blog, I will only post stuff I'm 100% sure about and some milestones - whereas at that section, I will also post some fresh, up-to-date news (like informations we got from the production companies, etc.). You can check them out and discuss about them here.
You can also get these news via RSS Feed.

Another thing you can expect during the next few days is a slightly revamped main website which should make it more easy for newcomers to gathe infos about the Pandora.

Please don't forget about the Bugtracker. If you find any problems with your Pandora, you can report the bugs there. Please don't forget that you should provide as much information as possible. There's some small guide at the Padora Wiki.

That's all for now, folks - but if you want, you can check the official news section I mentioned above, as there is some more stuff already you might now know yet.




Bestelle keine Pandora!

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Oh, sicher, bei uns könnt Ihr gerne bestellen.

Es gibt aber eine Japanische Seite (Redstar), die ebenfalls Reservierungen und Geld für die Pandora entgegennimmt.

Und, ja, wie Ihr Euch denken könnt - sie haben mit uns nichts zu tun. Sie machen dasselbe für den Caanoo und auch das Touchbook.
Ob sie Betrüger sind, was ihre anderen Artikel angeht, können wir Euch nicht sagen - aber sie haben definitiv keinen Pandora-Deal mt uns, also seid bitte vorsichtig.