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While the project is pretty unique and has been done without any big investors (except for all the cool guys who paid for their unit years ago in advance! Thanks!), it did cost us a lot of our private money as well to make it happen.
Of course we don't want to stop here. We want to improve hardware and software and ideally have units in stock so no one has to wait anymore when ordering!

Every improvement, every extra unit in stock does cost a lot of money.

You think this project is awesome? You got some spare money left you want to donate us?
That's cool! You can use the PayPal Donate button below to do so.
Alternatively, you can also donate using a bank transfer to Germany. Just transfer the money to the account below.

If you want your name and/or the amount you spent on the donators list here as well, tell us in the PayPal or bank transfer message field.

You want to become an even bigger sponsor or partner for the Pandora? Then please contact Bu e-Posta adresi istek dışı postalardan korunmaktadır, görüntülüyebilmek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir

Donate using PayPal:

Donate via Bank Transfer:

Account Holder: Michael Mrozek
Name of the Bank: Sparkasse Pfaffenhofen

Only needed for transfers from outside of Germany:
IBAN: DE79721516500008257057

Only needed for transfers from within Germany:
Account Number: 8257057
BLZ: 72151650

Thanks A LOT to our donators so far:

€150,00 EUR Anonymous
€150,00 EUR Anonymous
€100,00 EUR Anonymous
€100,00 EUR Anonymous
€77,00 EUR DOUBLE7
€50,00 EUR Anonymous
€50,00 EUR Anonymous
€50,00 EUR Anonymous
€50,00 EUR Anonymous
€30,00 EUR Mirai
€25,00 EUR Dominik Janko
€10,59 EUR Anonymous
€10,00 EUR Brieu William
€6,00 EUR Anonymous
€5,99 EUR Anonymous

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