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Official Updates and Firmware

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Here, you can find three essential things for your Pandora: the latest hotfix package, the latest complete firmware image as well as the community codec package.

HotFix Package 4 - for Pandora OS Release 2010-05 (Zaxxon)

This package is an update for the first release of the Pandora OS. To install it, simply download the .PND-Package and place it into either the /pandora/menu or /pandora/desktop - Folder on your SD-Card.
Simply start it and follow the on-screen instructions. You can remove the .PND-Package from the card once it has been installed.
There is no need to install any previous Hotfixes - all the fixes are included in the package as well.

This package includes the following fixes:

Hotfix 1:
* Kernel: Fixed a bug that caused the Linux Systemtimer to halt sometimes
* Included missing packages: python-shell_2.6.4, python-pygtk_2.16.0, python-pycairo_1.4.0, gnome-vfs-plugin-http_2.24.1, gnome-vfs-plugin-ftp_2.24.1

Hotfix 2:
* Bluetooth: Disabling and restoring state on startup now working properly
* XFCE4: When switching from MiniMenu to XFCE4, the settings are now properly loaded
* Brightness-State: When shutting down, a brightness level of 0 is not saved
* MiniMenu: Fixed caching and closed a memory leak
* Automount: Now using umask 0 and noatime. Unmounting is using Lazy Mount.
* Interfaces: Fixed the file. Now WiFi isn't disturbed by usb-network anymore
* WiFi: LEDs now working
* Kernel: Video: don't force waiting for refresh
* MiniMenu: XFCE4-Apps now included in MiniMenu
* New: Boost, Lua5.1 and Evince
* New: Script to change the LCD refresh rate from 50 / 60 Hz (ideal for emulators)
* Some typo fixes and general tweaks

Hotfix 3:
* Kernel: Fixed problem with broken sound on some units. Also improved ALSA Buffer Underrun problems
* Kernel Modules: Added USB Sound and Midi Modules as well as the TUN/TAN-Module
* U-Boot: Fixed LCD timings on Reset (which caused weird dots around the Logo on reboot / Reset)
* U-Boot: Added serial out via USB (ideal for debugging when trying to port new OSes to the Pandora)
* MiniMenu: Added automatic Refresh on SD Card insert and quick navigation using keyboard letters
* Battery-Settings: LED now starts blinking at 10% and shuts down at 5%. The previous values were too short.
* Bugfix: op_fbrunapp had some problems with command line parameters. That's now fixed.
* Services: Removed unneeded services from Startup - also services most users don't need (like dropbear, samba, etc.) They can be re-enabled with the new Startup-Settings
* Startup-Settings: Added enabling / disabling services
* New: Added Mass Storage mode via Mini-USB (can be enabled in the System-Menu)
* Automount: Now using Label names (if the card has one) instead of mmcblk*
* Automount: Now using Dirsync instead of sync with 2s Buffer flush. This increases SD Write speed A LOT. However, be sure to wait at least 2 seconds before removing your SD Card after you saved data
* Not yet fixed: PNDs will not run if they have a space in the filename or path (do not use spaces in your SD-Card labels for now!)
* pnd_run-Script: Changed a few things to make it compatible with spaces in filenames (still needs some other fix). Thanks to Ivanovic.
* Bluetooth-Script: Fixed save / restore settings on startup (thanks to urjaman)

Hotfix 4:
* Kernel: Added Bluetooth patch by urjaman. PAN (bluetooth internet connections) work fine now.
* WiFi: Fixed the problem where you could not reconnect after you lost a connections
* xf86-video-omapfb: add pandora specific screen blanking
* Nub Mousebuttons: Moving down is now middle mousebuttons. Recognition of mouseclicks with the nub has been enhanced (patch by urjaman)
* Pandora-Scripts: The internal scripts (CPU-Speed, Startup-Manager, etc.) have icons now.
* Pandora-Scripts: Added simple TV-Out script.
* Lid: Opening / Closing will not affect the powersave mode anymore.
* Enhanced brightness scripts (made the more linear)
* Powersave mode: Fixed the CPU Speed setting
* pnd_run: Added support for clockspeed setting
* libpnd: Support spaces in pathnames and PND-Names.
* Updated to a more recent XFCE4-Version
* First-Run-Wizard and Time / Date script: Fixed bug of not-appearing calendar
* New default config for vim (thanks to Nils Kneuper (Ivanovic))
* Python: Added python-misc and python-modules
* New lib: libaudiofile0 now included
* MiniMenu: New config dialogue included (will be improved in the future)
* udev 151: add rule to reserve fb2
* Leds: Fix TWL4030 PWM LED driver (thanks to Urja Rannikko)
* Pandora misc: HACK to change OPP level according to set mhz (thanks to Urja Rannikko) + OPP limiter added (by notaz)
* OMAP: DSS2: make filter coefficient tables human readable, DSS2: add some hackish FIR filter coefficient access

Click here to download HotFix Package 4

Community Codec Package - for Pandora OS Release 2010-05 (Zaxxon) 

Due to licensing issues, the Pandora does not have any licensed codecs like MP3 or MPEG-Video installed on the default OS. You can install them using this Codec Package.
This package will install Gnome-MPlayer as well as a lot of audio / video-plugins and enables NTFS-support.
To install it, simply download the .PND-Package and place it into either the /pandora/menu or /pandora/desktop - Folder on your SD-Card.
Simply start it and follow the on-screen instructions. You can remove the .PND-Package from the card once it has been installed.

Legal Notice
Patent and copyright laws operate differently depending on which country you are in. Please obtain legal advice if you are unsure whether a particular patent or restriction applies to a media format you wish to use in your country.

The Codec Package enables NTFS-Support and installs the following packages:

boost-date-time_1.41.0-r8.1.5, boost-thread_1.41.0-r8.1.5, directfb_1.4.2-r0.5, gnash_0.8.5-r6.5, gnome-mplayer_0.9.9.2-r10.0.5, gst-plugin-alaw_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-alpha_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-alphacolor_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-alsaspdif_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-annodex_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-apetag_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-audiofx_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-auparse_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-autodetect_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-avi_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-bayer_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-bz2_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-cairo_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-cdxaparse_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-cutter_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-debug_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-deinterlace_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-dfbvideosink_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-dvb_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-dvdspu_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-efence_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-effectv_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-equalizer_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-esd_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-faac_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-faad_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-festival_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-filter_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-flvdemux_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-flxdec_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-freeze_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-gamma_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-gdkpixbuf_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-goom_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-goom2k1_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-gsm_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-h264parse_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-halelements_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-icydemux_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-id3demux_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-interleave_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-ivorbis_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-jack_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-jpeg_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-level_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-matroska_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-metadata_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-modplug_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-monoscope_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-mpeg4videoparse_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-mpegtsparse_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-mpegvideoparse_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-mulaw_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-multifile_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-multipart_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-mve_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-navigationtest_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-nsf_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-nuvdemux_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-ossaudio_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-png_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-pulse_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-qtdemux_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-rawparse_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-replaygain_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-rfbsrc_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-rtp_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-rtpmanager_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-rtsp_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugins-bad_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugins-bad-apps_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugins-bad-meta_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-sdpelem_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-selector_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugins-good_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugins-good-apps_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugins-good-meta_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-smpte_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-sndfile_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-souphttpsrc_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-spectrum_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-speed_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-speexresample_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-stereo_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-tta_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-udp_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-vcdsrc_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-video4linux2_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-videobalance_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-videobox_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-videocrop_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-videoflip_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-videomixer_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-videosignal_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-vmnc_0.10.6-r2.1, gst-plugin-wavenc_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-wavparse_0.10.13-r1.1, gst-plugin-y4menc_0.10.6-r2.1, libaudiofile0_0.2.6-r8.5, libdiscid0_0.2.2-r0.5, libdvdcss2_1.2.10-r1.5, libdvdread3_0.9.7-r1.5, libesd0_0.2.36-r3.5, libfaad0_2.0-r2.5, libgdbm3_1.8.3-r3.5, libgif4_4.1.6-r2.5, libgnashamf_0.8.5-r6.5, libgnashbase_0.8.5-r6.5, libgpod_0.7.92-r0.5, libldap-2.4-2_2.4.21-r0.5, libmusicbrainz3-6_3.0.2-r1.5, libneon25_0.25.5-r4.5, libpulse0_0.9.15-r9.6.5, libpulsecommon_0.9.15-r9.6.5, libsamplerate0_0.1.7-r1.5, libxss1_1.2.0-r1.5, mplayer_0.0+1.0rc3+svnr30165-r20.5, mplayer-common_0.0.1-r1.5. 

Click here to download Community Codec Pack

Complete firmware image including all Hotfixes 2010-08 (Zaxxon)

This package includes everything needed for a full reflash. Please do only use it if you really need to. Reflashing CAN solve some problems, but it's not the magical tool that can fix anything. Before reflashing, you should always try to find the solution. You can get help at the Support Section or the I need Help-Section at the

If you ever need to reflash the firmware: It's not a hard thing to do. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

1. Extract the contents of this zip to root (main) directory (folder) of your FAT32-formatted SD card.
2. Make sure the pandora is turned off (remove the battery in case it crashes or doesn't turn off by using normal means).
3. Insert that SD card into pandora's first slot (it's the one closer to headphone jack).
4. Press and hold the right trigger ('R'), then turn the power on (if you have battery removed, insert it while holding R).
5. A menu should appear on screen. Select "boot from SD1" using the d-pad by pressing B or X.
6. Wait for flash process to finish. Connect the charger to be sure the battery doesn't run out while flashing. Press enter when asked to do so.
7. The device should turn off, press power (without holding R) to turn it back on.
8. It should then start it's first boot process which might take up to 15 minutes, be sure to wait for it to finish, otherwise firmware corruption might happen.

You can download the package here.