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Scott Smith

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Scott Smith (known as Pickle) joined the community after discovering the GP2X. Soon after he began to support a number of application ports for the GP2X.
Shortly before the GPH Wiz released to the public development versions of the Wiz were sent out to help generate porting of existing software to the Wiz.

Scott was given one of these units and helped bring many of the existing GP2X software titles to the Wiz. One highlight of the Wiz development work was the first person shooter Quake 1 and 2. This was significant since it was using the opengl-es 1.1 hardware on the Wiz.

This brought the attention of some on the Pandora team, since at the time the only running opengl-es software on the Pandora were demos. As a result a development board was sent and shortly after Quake 1/2/3 were running on the Pandora using the SGX hardware. Other software was also ported to the Pandora as well, which most can be seen on Scott’s youtube page. He also helped test out the analog nub’s, which resulted in the first demo of them being used in Quake engines. Scott is currently working on helping to bring more software to the Pandora.

In real life Scott is a software engineer in the automotive field in Detroit, Michigan.

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