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Mehmet Fatih KILIC is known as "mfk" in various Turkish Communities and GP32X Boards. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey. He majored International Finance and his speciality is Foreign Trade Consultancy. He's mainly repsonsible of sourcing parts and making contacts with companies in Pandora project.  

In year 2005, He started to sell GP2X after the release of the device and organized the Turkish community. He made a lot of modifications, developed a break out board and adopted GP2X cards to a lot of different industrial applications with his team. As Turkish Distributor of GP2X, He met with Craig and EvilDragon. They went to S.Korea in search for a better GP2X and came back with "Pandora" on their mind. 

Fatih has always been a great fan of computers and game consoles. He started his journey with an old-good MSX. He loved Amiga and joined some demo groups as a musician. He still enjoys composing music with trackers and he's still a member of legendary demoscene team "Bronx". He has a collection of retro-computers and game consoles.

Working in the same industry since 2001, he became an expert in CCTV field. He consults distributors in Turkey and manufacturers in countries like China, S. Korea and Taiwan. He plays an active role in developing new products and services in this field. His articles are being published in important industrial magazines worldwide.

Even he's quite busy, he always finds time to play guitar, develop professional web based applications, travel a lot, learn something new and enjoy his life.

MFK's links: Pandora/GP2X/Dingoo website with shop and forum Smart solutions for smart business His music studio which he runs with his ex-rock band members

Contact Fatih:

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