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Developer Info

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Since the Pandora has mainly been developed as perfect OpenSource device, every developer can easily code and port software to it.

We have already setup a few gits for the core system (which can be found at
We'll release a toolchain here when the Pandora is ready, but if you code using X, SDL or OpenGL ES, it should easily run on your unit.

If you have any questions or need help, you can check out the Developer section at the 

To distribute your games and apps to the end customer, you can use the Pandora section of the OpenHandhelds download archive. After a free registration, you can upload your programs and anyone can download them for free. There are NO bandwidth costs or annoying popups.
Of course, this is just a free option. If the developer has is own homepage and chooses to only release it there, he can do this.

To make it easy for the normal user to run your programs, we've developed PXML and the PND file format.
The user basically only has to copy the file onto the card - and the system discovers it automatically and shows it in the menu. If he removes the SD Card, it vanishes - until he inserts it again.

We're currently working on an official tech-info-site, which will give you the following information and Tutorials:

  • How to build a Kernel
  • How to build an Image
  • Where to send patches / bugfixes for firmware updates
  • Hardware Info: Pinouts, internal pads (JTAG, L2 / R2 Spare, etc.)
  • Toolchain
  • All about libPND
  • All about PXML and PND