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Michael Mrozek

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Not many guys do know Michael by his real name - he's mostly known as EvilDragon in the various communities.
Living in Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Gemany, he's responsible for many small things in the Pandora projects. Helping out here and there, e.g. creating the renderings from Daves case data, creating some videos, posting news, testing the firmware and giving back ideas, talk with the community, the devs, etc.

In his real life, he does produce spots and clips for TV and cinema, however, since he was a child, he loved gaming consoles and therefore collects them. Quite a few years ago he got a GP32 - and from that day on, became an active member of (and shortly after a moderator).
Half a year later, he created the GP32x File Archive - a download archive where ALL GP32 Homebrew games could be browsed with description and pictures, sorted into various categories. This was really a good thing for the GP32 and sales went up.

Later, when GPH announced the gp2x, he decided to try to establish a german community and open up a shop here. It all went well. The shop is known for its great service.
Always working together with Craig, he was also one of the guys who said "let's try doing our own handheld".
The most interesting project (and the one which cause him the most sleepless nights) so far for him yet. 


Here are some links by EvilDragon: -
The home for the German GP2X / Pandora / Dingoo community, complete with shop and boards. - The File Archives. Contains programs for GP32, GP2X, WIZ, Dingoo and Pandora. Created and maintained by EvilDragon - The normal-life job of EvilDragon (his other company) - A site where you can send eCards with dragons (all drawn by EvilDragon) - A site with the latest movies on DVD. With regular prizes to win. Created by EvilDragon and friends. - EvilDragons Videos on YouTube.

Contact EvilDragon:

eMail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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ICQ: 15691903