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Preorder the Pandora

Now is your chance to preorder the Pandora and receive one of the most unique handhelds there is!

There is a minimum refundable deposit of 10 EUR to hold your place in line. It can be refunded at any time but you would lose your place.
If you wish to support us, you are free to increase that amount to your liking.

This deposit will be deducted from the final price once your unit is finished - so there's no loss here.

The payment can be done using PayPal and bank transfer.
Bank transfers within the EU are free of charge. For transfers outside of the EU, please contact your bank to find out if there are any fees.

As PayPal charges a fee for payments, the price will increase by 2,8%.

If neither method is available to you, please contact us to discuss other options ([email protected])

The price for the Pandora is 370 EUR (for international customers) or 440 EUR (for EU-Customers, incl. 19% VAT).

The final payment is not required until your Pandora has been produced and is ready to be dispatched.

A final price (incl. shipping costs) will be mailed to you, as well as a status information about your order. This always happens early each month.

Preorders are currently limited to 5 Pandoras per person.
Please contact us via eMail if you want to preorder a higher amount of Pandoras ([email protected]).

Production is currently ongoing, your unit should be ready within about 6 weeks.

The order will be fullfilled by OpenPandora GmbH, Germany.

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